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Taiwan High Court Tainan Branch Court




Tainan city is located at the southwest of Chia Nan Plain and is the first city to develop civilization here in Taiwan.It was the political, cultural and economic center at the early years.

In 1631, the Dutch has built the FortProvidentia, which was the forerunner of Chi Kan Lou. In 1661, Koxinga recover Tainan and changed its name to Cheng Tien Fu, which was later changed to Taiwan Fu in 1676 and was formally under the rule of Taiwan government.It was later changed the name to Tainan Fu in 1887 and it has been used until now.

In 1912, Tainan District Court started the construction, it was the commencement for our city to set up a court.At the early stage when Taiwan was recovered, there was no branch court has been set for Taiwan’s High Court.In order to make it convenient for people, the government set up the First Branch Court of Taiwan High Court at Tainan city on June 1, 1947. It was renamed Taiwan High Court, Tainan Branch on January 1, 1948 to have jurisdiction over Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung three district courts.The district covers south of Yunlin to PintungCounty, PenghuCounty, and TaitungCounty.Later, there were Taichung, Hualien, Kaohsiung branch courts have been set up one after another.From May 1st, 1990, the Jurisdiction area of our court has included Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan three district courts, and the region covered Yunlin, Chiayi, county and township, Tainan city and county, etc., five districts, while the total land area is 5060 Km2 with over population of three million people. 

The cases processed by our courts are:

  • First instance lawsuit regarding the criminal civil offences against the internal security of the state, offences against the external security of the state and offences of interference with relations with other states.
  • The civil and criminal cases to be appealed because of the disagreement with the judgment of first instance of the district courts of Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan, however, if there is other legal regulation, then it shall follow such regulation.
  • The cases with interlocutory appeal against the ruling of the district court.
  • The lawsuit cases regulated by other laws.For example, according to the regulation of Military Trail Law: the defendant appeal against the judgment of imprisonment for a definite period announced by the superior trail court shall appeal to the high court with the reason that such judgment has been against the law.

The cases processed by our court for the moment are mainly appeal or ruling against the judgment or ruling of the district court of first instance, which take the biggest proportion.





  • Release Date:2021-05-03
  • Update:2021-05-12