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Taiwan High Court Tainan Branch Court




With a president to take charge of Court affairs, the Court is divided into two parts: Judgment and Administration, each of which is flanked by the following units and with the following responsibilities:

  • Judgment
  1. The Civil Court and the Criminal Court conduct the appeal to the second instance of the civil or criminal case and the counter-appeal case under the system of collegial panels.
  2. One assistant presiding judge assists the president in studying and reading the documents of the civil or criminal cases.
  3. The public defenders support defendants in specific cases of compulsory vindication.
  • Administration
  1. Secretariat:

This has one chief secretary to assist the president in handling general administration affairs. The Civil Records Section, Criminal Records Section, Documentation Section, General Affairs Section, Research and Evaluation Section, Litigation Counseling Section and Bailiff Office are located within it. They are in charge of judgment records, documents, general affairs, financial affairs, research and evaluation of work management and affairs, litigation assistance, prisoner control and protection as well as safekeeping respectively.

  1. Personnel Office:

This is responsible for appointing and dismissal and transfer of officials, rewards and punishment, assessments, evaluation of achievements, retirements, compensation, salaries, training, holiday and business trip management, personnel files management as well as matters concerning the material benefits of personnel, civil servant insurance, health insurance, cooperation and activities.

  1. Accounting Office:

This is responsible for the arrangement of general estimates, budget and final accounts, approved budgetary distribution and projects, control of financial income and expenses, management of judicatory income, control of legal fees as well as for suggestions to enhance financial power and lower expenses.

  1. Statistics Office:

This is responsible for judicatory statistical affairs.

  1. Civil Service Ethics Office:

This is responsible for enactment and popularization of the civil service ethics regulations and rules, anti-corruption, prosecution affairs, suggestions on civil service ethics, assessments, rewards and punishment, protection of confidential affairs, property declarations and the other matters concerning civil service ethics.

  1. Information Management Office:

This is responsible for the management and maintenance of the computers and network systems in the Court, installation of the applied systems, management of the operational documents and maintenance of files. It is the advice center for problems with computers in the Court.






  • Release Date:2021-05-03
  • Update:2021-05-12